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Our managed cloud solutions are SLED, SMB, and Enterprise-ready, with a proven track record of supporting the most popular SIS, HRIS, ERP, and finance applications used today.


 Cost-effective, scalable, and performant managed cloud infrastructure. All of our solutions are hosted on the latest Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors, and SAN-based storage systems. 

IQ Cloud Lite
Starting at


per month (24-months)
Shared cloud infrastructure

Managed VMware Cloud

High-Availability Compute

32 vCPUs / 96GB Memory

5TB Shared Hybrid SAN Storage

Integrated firewall Services

Two Usable IP addresses

IQ Cloud Standard
Starting at


per month (24-months)
Starter Private Cloud

Managed Private VMware Cloud

2 x Dedicated Compute Nodes

96 vCPUs / 192GB Memory

10TB Shared AF SAN Storage

Dedicated Fortigate 100F NGFW

15TB Cloud Backup storage

Redundant 1Gbit/s WAN uplinks

/29 IP allocation

IQ Cloud Advanced
Starting at


per month (24-months)
Dedicated Private Cloud

Managed Private VMware Cloud

4 x Dedicated Compute Nodes

256 vCPUs / 576GB Memory

20TB Dedicated AF SAN Storage

Dedicated Fortigate 200F NGFW

30TB Cloud Backup storage

Redundant 10Gbit/s WAN uplinks

/28 IP allocation

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What is "shared cloud infrastructure"?

Shared Cloud Infrastructure is our version of a "public cloud" where multiple tenants share the same physical cluster of resources, but with reserved capacity.

2 / Can we upgrade from the shared infrastructure, to a private cloud, and beyond?

Certainly! Our cloud solutions are architected to be flexible, and scalable. Adding additional capacity, resources, and/or services is simple. We can scale as large as your business grows - even if that means adopting a hybrid approach with the likes of AWS or Azure.

3 / What other services do you offer with your managed cloud?

We have the ability to leverage an entire catalog of services to help meet the needs of your business. This includes replication, disaster recovery, backups, cloud storage, firewall and network security. Ask your account representative for more information.

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