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Cloud storage simplified

Cloud storage doesn't have to be complicated. Let us show you how simple it can be. 


Our S3-compatible cloud storage service is simple, affordable, and reliable. Perfect for storing your most important data and backups.

IQ Flexible Cloud Storage
Starting at


per month
5TB minimum

90-day minimum commitment

Invoiced monthly

Immutability ready

Multiple regions available

Basic support (8 x 5)

90-day minimum storage duration

IQ Reserved Cloud Storage
Starting at


per month
Upfront discounted pricing

1-year, 3-year, or 5-year commit

Available in 25TB increments

Immutability ready

Invoiced yearly

Premium support (24 x 7)

30-day minimum storage duration

Frequently Asked Questions

1 / What is the difference between "Flexible Cloud Storage" and "Reserved Capacity Cloud Storage" offerings?

Flexible Cloud Storage is just that - flexible! You can "pay-as-you-go" to start small and grow, with a short minimum commitment and monthly billing.


Reserved Capacity Cloud Storage is designed for those organizations that want more predictable billing and pre-paid capacity.

2 / What is "minimum storage duration"?

Objects that are stored and deleted before the minimum storage duration are billed equal to the storage charge for the remaining days.

3 / Are additional discounts available?

Yes, additional discounts are available with Reserved Capacity Cloud Storage based on the amount of storage purchased and the length of the contract.

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